MGC.Agency - Experts in Hotel MarketingWith over 15 years of working in the hospitality sector we are the best choice to increase revenue and bookings. We are making an average of 3 x return on the fee we are paid for our Hotel clients.

Do you want to get rid of booking site commissions by advertising yourself for less cost and more profit? Our clients are seeing a clear return on our Hotel Marketing experience.

It’s no secret to hotel and B&B owners that are using sites like or can be very useful in getting a lot of people to their website, more people use these sites than any other and it is easy to see why. The problem that comes with using these is simply the commission they charge. They currently charge between 15%-25% commission, which is eating away at profit margins in a considerable way, with some even having to increase their standard prices just to cover this.

“Facebook is a key element in promoting our Hotel and B&B Clients. We are achieving a return of 300% on advert spend ”

“Our brand has been pushed to another level which has increased online bookings two-folds ”

- Samantha Thompson, The Ripon Spa Hotel

Here at MGC, we can provide you with all of the advice you require as to what your business may need and then we can put it all together for you in a way which suits both yours and your clients needs.

We work with businesses of all sizes which are serious about growth with the aim of turning every £1 you pay us into £3 for your business.

If you are looking to work with a company who provide you with a wealth of experience, trackable results and return on your investment then give us a call, use the contact on the left. Or even use our live chat in the bottom corner.

“MGC's tailored booking system is fantastic for all our online bookings. Its integrated into our website so no diverting to other pages ”

Below is a selection of our Hotel Commission Projects

We work with companies throughout Darlington, Middlesbrough and Newcastle to help grow their business