Relying on a free website builder

This is a common mistake that small business owners make when they are trying to save on the cost of using a digital agency to build their website. If you can build your own website in minutes, then the chances are that it is going to have issues. Building a proper website takes time and expertise, it isn’t as easy as the ‘drag and drop’ approach that a lot of these free builders take. In these designs, what tends to happen is that every design facet adds to the code and makes the site load much slower. This therefore leads to performance issues. The money that you invest in getting a professional to build you website is just that, an investment. Having a professional, sleek looking site is much more likely to keep customers interested in what you have to say than a less attractive one.

Too busy

If as soon as you opened up a website, it was flashing and making noise and full of different colours and images, then you may be slightly taken aback and the first thing you would do is close the site. If that’s what you’d do, then what do you think your customers would do? They would leave even quicker is the answer. If a visitor cannot understand what it is you do as a business within the first few seconds then they will leave, so make it clear and concise. Another important tip to remember is to always make sure important business information is easy to find and that your site is well laid out to accommodate everyone who may visit. Putting too much on your site, will also make it take a lot longer to load and if this is too long, people will not bother and they will just go and find another company’s site that they can get onto easier.

Too minimalistic

This is the other end of the spectrum. Minimalistic designs are trendy at the moment but some companies take this too far and have little to no information readily available. Minimalism is good thing when it is done properly but sometimes can come off as cryptic and leave too much to the imagination. Never keep your visitors guessing.

Poor use of the space

The content you put on your site is very important and it will need to be quality content, not just something that is there to fill the space. The fonts you choose should convey who you are as business and the image you want to put out to the public. The white space is very important as well, you need to make good use of this, it can be a good idea to use it to break up large chunks of text.

Ugly and irrelevant images

If they have no purpose, then do not put them there. Images that are not of the highest quality also have no place on a professional looking site. The look of these can really lose you visitors, so it is therefore very important to make the right choices. Irrelevant ones can confuse readers and make them wonder what you are trying to convey.

Ads in the wrong places

Ads are a necessary thing in website design but too many, or not placing them correctly can frustrate your visitors and you could lose business. If they annoy you then the chances are that they will annoy your visitors. Keep a close eye on any pop-ups and make sure they are not full screen and can be closed.

Failing to use responsive design

Less than 17% of companies have a responsive web design, however 40% of web searches are done on a tablet or mobile. Your website needs to be seen clearly on these devices as this number will only continue to increase.

Not capturing customers

This is the biggest mistake that could really end up costing your company a lot of money. Not catching them first time around then means that you need to work on a strategy to recapture and this can be much costlier. A good way to capture customers is to have an opt-in offer that applies to customers, this especially applies to retail websites.