Our team have been at the forefront of Mobile Application Development since 2009, we haven’t just joined the bandwagon like most other creative agencies, our team helped create it. We build Mobile Applications to deliver exactly what our clients, their customers and their target audience want. In a fast moving environment we know that your customers expect everything from an app, we all do, every time we download an app it has to deliver, or it will be forgotten, fast.

Our expertise covers all IOS, Android, smartphone, Iwatch and tablet devices on the market and our solutions range from B2B mobile apps, B2C, Educational and internal peer to peer projects. We are immersed in this technology and we strive to recognise how best to utilise it for each and every one of our clients.

For example we have delivered mobile apps for our clients to reach out to their customers, for internal sales teams to achieve enhanced performance, for children to overcome Dyslexia, for candidates to apply for new jobs, for charities to raise awareness and we know how to work for global companies with high demand, fast return requirements. In short, if it can be delivered for mobile, then we can build it.

On time, on budget and with more value added than our competitors can deliver. Every single time.

The world of mobile applications is rapidly and continuously changing and we are thrilled to be at the fore-front of the immense opportunities that this presents for ourselves and for our clients. The question now is not whether your business should have a mobile application strategy, but when and how.

Aside from our intense knowledge of the applications industry there exists a unique combination of skills behind the MGC brand. From advertising to marketing, graphic design to publishing, education to science and so on, we not only bring mobile know-how to your business, organisation or school but a range of skills which mean we already understand more about how the very fabric of business operates than anyone else in this industry.

For each of our projects we look for a measurable return on investment from the very first meetings that we have, and our clients have learnt that by investing in a new solution they can increase their customer base and profit margins way beyond the costs required to implement them.

We have a proven track record of increasing our clients performance and our team love nothing more than getting an insight into what a client wants to achieve, and finding the solution that is right for them.

If you are looking to work with a company who provide you with a wealth of experience, trackable results and return on your investment then give us a call, use the contact on the right. Or even use our live chat in the bottom corner.

Below is a selection of our Mobile App Development Projects

We work with companies throughout Darlington, Middlesbrough and Newcastle to help grow their business