Using Property Investment Social Media -  IQ Property Investments Website  gains a 100 x return on investment

IQ Property Investments is a company developed by a team of financially savvy, knowledgeable and experienced individuals who all have a strong understanding of passive investments, and a passion for identifying medium to long-term secure and rewarding income opportunities.

With collective experience in banking, management consultancy, law and customer relations, our varied knowledge working in the UK and around the world for corporate institutions and government alike provides our customers with a unique proposition that is respected in the property investment market today.

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"Using a social media strategy of email marketing and Facebook advertising we have been able to hit targets World Wide". Facebook allows us to access targeted enquiries you cannot get anywhere else".

The Brief

As a long standing client of MGC we have gone through many stages of Website Development and Social Media and Digital Marketing. The latest development was to build a website that showcased IQ Property as a leader in high end property investment, showcasing to a World Wide cliental. The website needed to have a strong showcase whist also be fully mobile ready. Looking to attract more clients to IQ property investments in an increasingly hard market to target, property developers. Using our knowledge in the property market we were to use our expertise to create a Social Media buzz to sell off plan properties.

The Strategy

After the Website Design, sourcing a database of over 1 million UK and overseas property investors and developers we then sustained a 12 month e-mail marketing campaign to attract visitors to the website. Coupled with good Social Media and Facebook Advertising we increased the exposure massively.

As a result IQ Property Investments recorded a significant increase in turn-over from digital development, their Email marketing campaign was sent to over 1-million target e-mail contacts which resulted in the sale of both French and Portuguese properties.

The Results

Through the strategy of the Website Design, Marketing and Social Media we enhanced the reach of IQ Property through not only the UK but Europe and America resulting in a boom of enquiries that has enhanced profitability.

"MGC are superb in identifying business objectives and setting out targets to accomplish our business profit and growth. Using their expertise in Property Investment Social Media we achieved a huge return on our investment".

"We generated a record number of enquiries for our French Chateau and sales to cover the cost of development and social media marketing 130 times over. We have never worked with a digital company so business focussed on achieving a return on investment."

— Jeff Matthews, IQ Property Invest

"The guys at MGC have built a trust level that is really rare. Suggestions are made only on the return it will generate - nothing else".