Post Lots of Pictures

Images of food and drink are the most popular type of content on Instagram, the audience is already there so you might as well use this. 

Post Even More Pictures

75% of people will buy a product because they saw it on social media. 

Make Sure all Your Information is Clearly Displayed

The fewer clicks it takes to find your opening times, menu, location and phone number the better.

Utilise the Tools Available

Facebook has the option to add a menu to your page, as well as multiple locations and even a ‘book now’ button, if you offer reservations.

Allow Reviews

Just make sure you respond to them.

Schedule Posts for Just Before Your Busiest Times

Posts are more likely to get people through the doors if you do this.

Take Advantage of Location Based Advertising

This allows you to promote your posts to only the people within a certain radius of where you are. Doing this increases store visits by up to 80% on the first day compared to the average.