We are using our Social Media and Content Marketing skills to help build businesses and gain a clear return on investment.

Understanding how to leverage your social media content for your marketing strategy is essential. MGC will gain an understanding of your business and culture then funnel this content across your social media channels.

We will work alongside you and develop your social media strategy in terms of what exactly you want to achieve, for example, build relationships, brand awareness, or increase sales. Following our investigations we will distribute your core messages through creative content writing dependant upon the channels required aimed at your target audience.

“Through social media we were able to target the exact customers we are looking for at a cost of under 5p per enquiry”. The increase in our revenue far exceeded the marketing fee paid to MGC”

"I never realised Social Media could be such a huge selling tool for my business. MGC showed me how to reduce advertising costs and increase profit".

"From not understanding a thing about either the mechanics or value of social media MGC have demonstrated the effect that it can have on top line sales giving us the resultant benefit on our bottom line"

"We are using Facebook and Facebook advertising to enhance our clients reach as well as gaining new customers. On average our clients are gaining a 3x return on what they spend with us. We would love to speak further to you if you are looking to increase your business online".

"We have struggled to create a real buzz around our product, with advice and guidance we were able to increase our following and shares which resulted in increase sales and brand awareness. In this day and age if your not using Social Media for you business your missing out".

"Having spent £6,000 per month on Indeed advertising we reached out to MGC to help us reduce our cost and increase or exposure. Within 3 months we have reduced our monthly cost to £1,600 and tripled our applications- Get these guys on board ".

What makes us different:

We will look at which social networks you should be using, there isn’t a “one size fits all” situation in social media marketing and we understand this. Where you have a presence really does depend on who you are there to market to. We will also help you understand why this is important, as well as giving you hints and tips as to how to use each network to its full potential and above all a return on investment.

Think your business is ready for social media?

Get in contact with MGC to discuss how you can achieve your return on digital. Click here for our contact page or email us on at: cc@mgcagency.co.uk